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Ministry of Culture recognizes artists on the World Theatre Day

Friday, 27 March 2015
In a ceremony in the National Grand Theatre were distinguished the artists César Aedo, Esther Chávez, Jorge Acuña, the theatre groups Grupo Laboratorio de Teatro Audaces from Arequipa and Deciertopicante from Tacna.

In an especial ceremony, the Ministry of Culture celebrated, last Friday 27th March, the World Theatre Day, recognizing theatre artists as Distinguished Personality of Culture, whose careers have contributed to promotion of culture and performing arts.

The award ceremony took place in the National Grand Theatre and had the presence of the Minister of Culture, Diana Álvarez-Calderón, who was in charge to present the prizes.    

Among the awarded was the artist César Aedo. Actor, mime, producer and director, who after studying in France and United States, came back to Peru to keep working on arts in our country and founded the Asociación Civil Etnoartes.

The well-known actress Esther Chávez, with more than 50 years of career and important participations in theatre, also was recognized in the ceremony.

Likewise, the actor, mime and storyteller who was born in Iquitos, Jorge Acuña, was awarded. 

With more than 50 years of career, he is a renowned promoter of street theatre that received many prizes and awards because his work and legacy have permitted the promotion of culture.

The group Laboratorio de Teatro Audaces from Arequipa was recognized for 45 years of dedication to dissemination of regional and national plays of Peruvian theatre and publication of performing arts. Finally, the theatre group Deciertopicante from Tacna received a distinction for their promotion of investigation and theatre pedagogy in the last 17 years. 

The ceremony ended up with the presentation of the group Caballo Blanco, they delighted the attendees with their performance. 

This recognition was made under the framework of the celebrations on the World Theatre Day and is one of more than 50 events nationally made by the Ministry of Culture to commemorate the date.