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Eviction was held following the law No. 30230 to preserve the National Cultural...
Seminary aims awarenes about control of illegal traffic of cultural assets to...
Heritage Protection

The General Directorate of Cultural Heritage Protection (DGDPC) is the body in charge of the defense and protection, recovery, repatriation, surveillance and custody cultural property belonging to the cultural heritage of the nation. This address acts as a supervisory organ and is responsible for direct, regulate and implement verification actions and punish violations of the standards of protection of cultural heritage of the nation. Similarly, plays an important in educating and raising public awareness on issues related to the defense and heritage protection role.

Some important functions of the Defense of Cultural Heritage are:

  • Promote the protection and defense of the Cultural Heritage of the Nation , proposing policies , overseeing compliance with standards and regulations in force, and in coordination with the competent organs of the Ministry and other agencies.
  • To direct, regulate and implement actions check violations of the rules of protection of Cultural Heritage of the Nation and to identify and implement the sanctions , additional or complementary measures to be necessary .
  • Implement actions necessary to control the illicit trade in cultural property and its recovery within the country , and, in coordination with relevant sectors , for the repatriation of illegally exported cultural heritage .
  • Develop, implement and monitor plans to protect and defend the Cultural Patrimony of the Nation in the event of natural disasters and armed conflict.
  • Propose to the Ministry of Education for inclusion in the curricula of subjects, teaching resources and activities aimed at the formation of related knowledge , protection and defense of the Cultural Heritage of the Nation values.
  • Coordinate , supervise and implement training and development activities for the staff of the institutions involved and the general public for the protection , preservation and protection of the cultural heritage of the nation

 The DGDPC is organized as follows :