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The National Youth Symphony Orchestra, directed by Pablo Sabat, to offer a
Cultural Industries and Arts

The General Directorate of Cultural Industries and Arts is the organ that is responsible for formulating, coordinating, implementing and monitoring policies and strategies designed to stimulate and encourage artistic creation artistic activity in diverse fields actions and promote productivity and competitiveness of industries that are directly linked to artistic creation, video production, publishing, phonographic and new media as well as the distribution of cultural goods and services and are usually protected by copyright.

Some of its main functions are:

  • Prepare and submit to the Office Viceministerial Cultural Heritage and Cultural Industries , the Annual Plan of Activities and contests and film , phonographic and publishing works , as well as their respective bases and formats, for approval , in accordance with current legal regulations .
  • Manage and monitor the registration of individuals and companies engaged in related to cultural industries , the arts and the cultural project activities.
  • Design and maintain a system of cultural information to improve decision making of actors linked to the cultural industries and the arts interest and promote private investment .
  • Disseminate and provide useful and timely information at the national level to promote the consumption of cultural industries and to promote and disseminate the arts demonstrations in its various expressions.
  • Grant declarations of cultural interest , sponsorship and nominal letters in its area of ​​competence.
  • Grant recognition to associations and cultural centers nonprofit entities that merit , and endorse the record issued by the Association of Departmental Clubs Peru in accordance with legal regulations.
  • Rate the performance of non-sporting public shows.
  • Promote, monitor and evaluate the activities of the National casts.
  • Manage the artistic program of events to be held in the National Grand Theater , in coordination with the agencies and public entities that apply.
  • Coordinate with other public and private, national and international levels, related to matters within its competence sector.
  • Subscribing Promote interagency collaboration agreements with national and international public and private entities for the development and promotion of cultural industries , arts and other activities.
  • Identify, propose and coordinate with relevant bodies and entities, project financing initiatives for national and international cooperation related to the extent of their competence .
  • The Directorate General for Cultural Industries and Arts is organized as follows :