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The Ministry of culture is headquarters of a cultural hub unprecedented, next to the National Grand Theater and the National Library of Peru. the closeness of these three institutions encourages the integration of a strategic area of knowledge and development of artistic production, offering the Peruvian public access to the various manifestations of cultureboth national and international.

Grand National Theatre

The great theatre national (GTN) is a work of great scale that puts at the disposal of all Peruvians a room multipurpose that aims to function as a space for citizens to enjoy and enjoy world-class shows, such as operas, concerts and ballet; provided a first and last generation technology infrastructure.

Under that premise, the GTN is also presented as a stage where are produced and run the best artistic projects of the national groups of the Ministry of culture, which is comprised of the National Symphony Orchestra, the National Ballet, the national cast of folklore, national choir, national children's choir and the Youth Symphony Orchestra.

The great national theatre has a capacity of 1,415 spaces and displays a design that recuperates the tradition of historical theatres. It is compared with the large theatres as the Glyndebourne, of England; the Denmark Operaen; the Oslo Opera House in Norway; the Goteborgsoperan of Sweden.

Theatre has a scenic technology to provide an efficient infrastructure that supports the Assembly of high quality performances and which, in turn, provides safety, speed and flexibility. Comprises a main hall, a technical area; Administration, spacious dressing rooms and several rehearsal rooms, offices as well as a bookstore and a coffee shop.

Fits noted that, in addition to the quality of the infrastructure, the technological equipment is one of the main qualities of this room. To meet the different needs, the GTN is equipped with adjustable acoustics, such as exists in the main contemporary theatres around the world. In the same way, has a range of more than 500 reflectors and the novelty is that much of the system has remote Internet connection.

This new meeting point of major cultural events is located in the headquarters of the Ministry of culture, which also hosts a series of rooms, auditoriums and the Museo de la Nación, which offer different artistic and cultural activities. Its proximity to the National Library of Peru offers the possibility of becoming a unique in the Peru cultural axis.

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Related bodies

Archivo General de la Nación

The General archive of the nation (AGN) is a decentralized public body attached to the Ministry of culture. In it they protect and properly preserve documentary and archival testimony of events that Peruvians have staged over five centuries of history.

The AGN is the governing body of the national system of files (SNA) and it is headquartered in the city of Lima; consists of 24 files regional and two subregional which are located in the capitals of the departments. It is responsible for the design of national policies relating to the defence and conservation of the documentary heritage of the nation and to use rational, responsible and transparent. To do so, provides standards and technical requirements, and coordinates the actions necessary for the functioning of this system.

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National Library of Peru


National Library of Peru is an institution dedicated to the efficient and effective administration of documentary Cultural Heritage B *-ibliografico, as well as universal capital which has in order to contribute to the cultural, scientific and technological development, contributing to economic and social development, and supporting the formation of citizens and associations, knowledgeable and proactive.


National Library of Peru has vision to become a cultural institution consolidated, dynamic and modern, as depositary, Peruvian, peruanista bibliographic documentary production and the most relevant abroad; Leading national information and true Center in the context of the national system of libraries in the service of education and scientific and technical research for the social, cultural and economic development of the country.

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