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The Ministry of Culture, in alliance with the Institute of Peruvian Studie

The Vice Ministry of Interculturalism is responsible for policies, programs and projects that promote multiculturalism as a guiding principle to promote and safeguard the rights and integral development of culturally diverse groups in the country , and build a citizenry that recognizes, respects and enrich interaction with cultural diversity.

The functions and objectives of the Deputy Minister of Intercultural capacity and responsibility to create mechanisms to disseminate intercultural practice is included , and to avoid any kind of exclusion and discrimination. The specific functions of Intercultural Vice are:

a) To promote and ensure the sense of social equality and respect for the rights of the people of the country, in accordance with Convention 169 of the International Labour Organization ( ILO) and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples.

b ) Develop policies for inclusion of diverse cultural expressions of our peoples and to create mechanisms to disseminate a practice integrating intercultural Peruvian and sustained by a culture of peace and solidarity society.

c ) Propose mechanisms to avoid any kind of exclusion or discrimination of different peoples of the country , ensuring the building and strengthening of national identity .

d ) Coordinate , guide and supervise activities meeting the bodies of the Ministry of Culture , government agencies and other entities for the sector, to promote the construction of policies to know us better and to recognize the diverse cultures that exist in our country and your respect and appreciation allow build intercultural citizenship .

e) Develop, implement and monitor policies and standards that promote vigilante practices to avoid expressions of discrimination against citizens and peoples of the country .

Besides its competence the functions assigned by Law No. 29785 , Law on the Right to Prior Consultation with Indigenous or Native Peoples recognized in the Convention 169 of the International Labor Organization ( ILO)

The Vice Ministry of Interculturalism is organized as follows: